1. Color test for a new comic.


  2. taylorcabaniss:

    Tyler Does Work

    Taylor normal makes me look like an old woman or a very masculine 14 year old girl. He was nice this time.


  3. According to tumblr people like this image. So for your viewing pleasure (tumblr machine) here is the world’s simplest gif.


  4. Got a new sketchbook today.


  5. Today’s warm up drawing, brought to you by “huff, huff, pant” and the Boy Scouts of America.


  6. At Desert Island again today. Come by.


  7. Got a Lorenzo Mattoti book today and it’s already wedged deep in my subconscious. Thanks to one Mr. S Weber for the initial intro to this fella.


  8. Is it still fashion week?


  9. Give me a skateboard and let me paint shit on it.


  10. "The Shit Heel and His Friends"