1. Progress


  2. Rain rain




  5. I’m normally wary of explicit explanations to pictures as it can be limiting to the person who blahblahblah. I keep having this dream where I’m sitting in one of those chairs you had when you are in preschool or elementary school. Those uncomfortable, awful shade of orange or green chairs made out of who the fuck knows. A pretty bland dream but a recurring one so I took note. I made these pictures without much thought to what they meant or if they were providing anything and it wasn’t until I finished them that I had some idea. It’s partially that after 22 years for the first time I wont have a place that I’m supposed to be, an academic institution more specificly, and that’s terrifying. It’s also pretty fucking invigorating.


  6. Floating World comics in Portland is doing a Bartkira art show and I was one of the people asked to be in it. So that’s pretty cool. Thanks Frans!


  7. Boy stuff


  8. Promos arrived.


  9. John Ford’s Garden finish.


  10. 9 drawings from today