1. Drawing before bed. Sorry for the repeats.


  2. Cover for the comic mentioned here. Now hopefully someone wants it.


  3. Some of the sketches I did for Alamo Drafthouse Films. The project ended up wanting a photograph solution but it was still super fun to work on. Thanks to CD Jon Stobz. 


  4. Dog.


  5. Part one. Part two.


  6. Color.


  7. Drawing portion of a map for Forbidden Planet NYC.


  8. Drawing a map for @forbiddenplanetnyc. It may be a bit of a biased map…


  9. Older story that I’ve edited, colored and re-lettered for this anthology. It’s with a bunch of other talented cartoonists, consider donating to getting this thing published if you have the means. The rest of this story will get posted after the book has been printed. Here is the original version.


  10. #Comics