1. Older story that I’ve edited, colored and re-lettered for this anthology. It’s with a bunch of other talented cartoonists, consider donating to getting this thing published if you have the means. The rest of this story will get posted after the book has been printed. Here is the original version.


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  3. This is something I’ve been working on for a long time now and it’s nearly done. It’s a story from my good friend Matthew Rosenberg, drawn by myself and colored wonderfully by Amanda Scurti. I’m as proud as I can be with myself on this project as my Irish guilt allows, and with it nearly finished here is a preview.



  5. Welcome to the world shit heel.


  6. Start of a new comic


  7. Stanley Kubrick


  8. Image concerning the slave trade in the Taiwan prawn fishing industry.


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  10. Yasujirō Ozu was a revelation.